E&P business combination

For more information around the combination of the legacy E&P business with Aker BP, share conversion and SDRs, please visit www.lundin-energy.com

Combination Lundin-AkerBP
Allocation of acquisition cost

In June 2022, Orrön Energy AB (publ) completed the distribution of the Company’s shares in Lundin Energy MergerCo AB (publ) to its shareholders through a Lex Asea dividend. The merger consideration that subsequently was paid to the shareholders of Lundin Energy MergerCo AB (publ) consisted of a mix of cash and shares in Aker BP.

The Swedish Tax Agency has issued general advice regarding the allocation of the acquisition cost for the share distribution and has determined that 1.8 percent of the acquisition cost shall be allocated to share in Orrön Energy AB (publ) and 98.2 percent of the shares shall be allocated to shares in Lundin Energy MergerCo AB (publ). The general advice applies as of the fiscal year 2022.

The Swedish Tax Agency’s general advice SKV A 2022:23 and notice SKV M 2022:17 are available (in Swedish) on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website www.skatteverket.se.

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