High-quality and low-cost renewables assets in the Nordics

Asset location

The current portfolio consists of high-quality and low-cost wind assets in the Nordics, one operational hydropower plant in Norway and one wind farm in southern Sweden, which is under development. A majority of the assets are situated in the attractive price regions SE3, SE4 and FI.

Efficient, low-cost power generation

Estimated annual power generation for Orrön Energy’s asset base is currently 700 GWh, further increasing to 800 GWh in 2023 bringing the total power generation in 2024 to 1,100 GWh per annum from 2024 onwards. All power generation estimates are based on average long-term meteorological conditions and actual production will vary from period to period given the variability of weather across the Nordics.

A large portion of the power generation comes from assets that are newly constructed and equipped with modern technology to ensure low cost and efficient operations. This means the cost for estimated maintenance is low, with high availability and efficiency during a long-term asset lifetime.