Guiding principles of corporate governance

Since its creation in 2001, Orrön Energy has been guided by general principles of corporate governance, which form an integral part of the Company’s business model. Orrön Energy is a pure play renewables business with high quality assets in the Nordics. The business is focussed on cash generation and well positioned to build on its proven track record of organic growth and creating sustainable shareholder value through the energy transition.

To achieve such sustainable value creation, Orrön Energy applies a governance structure that favours straightforward decision making processes, with easy access to relevant decision makers, while nonetheless providing the necessary checks and balances for the control of the activities, both operationally and financially. Orrön Energy’s principles of corporate governance seek to:

  • Protect shareholder rights
  • Provide a safe and rewarding working environment to all employees and contractors
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and best industry practice
  • Ensure activities are carried out competently and sustainably
  • Sustain the well-being of local communities in areas of operation

As a Swedish public limited company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Orrön Energy is subject to the Rule Book for Issuers of Nasdaq Stockholm, which can be found on In addition, the Company abides by principles of corporate governance found in a number of internal and external documents. Abiding to corporate governance principles builds trust in Orrön Energy, which results in increased shareholder value. By ensuring the business is conducted in a responsible manner, the corporate governance structure ultimately paves the way to increased efficiency.