Are you a landowner in the UK?

Want to earn an extra income from your land and contribute to the energy transition?

We work with landowners in the UK to unlock the potential of their land by developing solar farms and battery storage solutions. Our projects and partnerships are at the heart of the drive to decarbonise electricity generation and create a carbon-neutral future for us all. When we lease your land, you’ll earn a regular, long-term income, and we’ll use the land to create greener, cleaner energy.

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A responsible renewable energy developer

Our experienced team in the UK work in partnership with landowners, developers, investors and local communities in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved and that protects the character and biodiversity of the land and local area. We seek to both maximise energy benefits and offer competitive leasing terms to ensure that our projects have a positive impact on both the individual landowners, as well as the society and environment as a whole. We conduct our projects with great care for biodiversity and solar farms can become thriving areas for nature. Our range of agrivoltaic solutions allow the same land to be used for both agricultural purposes as well as providing a habitat for wildlife.

People like working with us because they know we deliver real impact and they trust us to do the right thing. Each one of us in the team takes our responsibility to our natural environment seriously and we want to protect it – now and for generations to come.

The team has proven success with projects across Europe, demonstrating that working in partnership with us can help you diversify and earn a regular income from leasing your land to renewable energy projects. With over 60 years of experience in energy and renewable technology, our UK team ensure you’re always in safe hands.

Why is solar energy so important?

Unlike traditional fossil fuels, solar energy produces zero carbon. It’s clean, safe, quiet and produces no toxins. Producing solar energy can work in harmony with communities, wildlife and livestock.

On top of that, the UK’s lack of independent energy resources and global geopolitical uncertainties leave us vulnerable to fluctuations in world markets. Access to locally produced energy is therefore crucial in ensuring energy security and is a cornerstone in decarbonising our society. This is further backed by UK’s energy security strategy, according to which a five-fold increase of solar power deployment is expected by 2035. Extending solar deployment is a key component to meet the target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Combining solar and battery storage solutions
Managing the peaks and troughs of energy demand is becoming even more challenging as we strive towards net zero. That’s because fossil fuel plants have traditionally been used as a back-up to provide a reliable, unbroken supply of energy. As these are gradually being phased out, battery storage becomes more and more important to balance electricity loads in the grid and store energy until it’s needed.

Combining solar energy with battery storage solutions can offer plenty of advantages, as it ensures that energy flow is consistent and reliable, whether the sun is shining or not. Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), allow energy from renewables, such as solar, to be stored and then used on demand by homes and businesses.


Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity without any significant noise, disturbance, toxins, or air or water pollution. The inverters that convert DC power to AC create limited noise that can only be heard from a few feet’s distance.

No, the panels are extremely efficient, so very little energy is lost through reflection. Each panel has a translucent coating to minimise glare.

We are always looking for parcels of land to rent. Ideally the land should be relatively flat and close to a point of grid connection.

We know from government surveys that solar is the most popular of all renewable technologies in the UK, with 85% of the public supporting it.
We consider every project individually and can offer a range of flexible and innovative payment structures to meet your needs.

There are no financial risks to you. Everything is fully funded by us. The land is always owned by you, we just lease it.

Renewable energy developments are usually based on a 40-year operational agreement, giving landowners financial security and helping to support rural communities now and in the future.

Once the development gets to the end of its term, we’ll take away the infrastructure and return the land to you in the same, or often better, condition.

We will pay for the lease, Orrön Energy is one of the largest independent renewables companies in Sweden and part of the successful Lundin Group of Companies. Orrön Energy is a long-term investor in renewable energy, with an experienced management team and a strong financial capacity. Read more about Orrön Energy here.

Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. For the UK to become net zero, we have to balance the amount of greenhouse gas we emit with the amount we remove. As more homes and businesses use electricity generated by solar sites, we put less greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, so solar is a key player in reaching net zero and fighting climate change.

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