A portfolio of high-quality and cash generating renewables assets in the Nordics

Orrön Energy owns and operates a portfolio of wind power assets in the Nordics. The Company’s estimated annual power generation is 1,000 GWh in 2024, which represents an increase of more than 230 percent since July 2022. The wind power assets are operated by an experienced team in Sweden with a longstanding background from the renewables industry, and a range of projects are ongoing to optimise the power generation capacity. This includes extending the operational lifetime of assets, adding complementary technology, providing ancillary services and re-powering.

A large portion of the power generation derives from assets that are newly constructed and equipped with modern technology to ensure low cost and efficient operations. This means that the cost for estimated maintenance is low, with high availability and efficiency during a long-term asset lifetime.


The Swedish portfolio consists of ownership in 200 operational wind turbines in more than 50 sites which have an estimated proportionate annual power generation in 2024 of around 800 GWh and a total net installed capacity of around 300 MW. A majority of the assets are situated in the SE3 and SE4 price areas.

The largest producing asset in the Swedish portfolio is the Karskruv wind farm, which was completed and taken over for commercial operations at the end of November 2023. Karskruv has an estimated annual power generation of 290 GWh, which is generated from 20 Vestas turbines with a total installed capacity of 86 MW. The wind farm is situated in the SE4 price area.

Another large production hub for the Company is situated at Näsudden on Gotland, consisting of ownership in five wind farms, with a combined power generation of around 165 GWh in the SE3 price region. This is a pioneering region for wind power in Sweden and Gotland is also where the Company has its operational office.



The Company owns 50 percent of the Metsälamminkangas (MLK) wind farm and 100 percent of a 9 GWh wind farm located in Hanko in Finland. MLK has an estimated gross annual power generation of around 400 GWh, which is generated from 24 GE turbines with a total installed capacity of 132 MW. The wind farm has an estimated operational life of around 30 years and has been in operation since the end of March 2022.