Metsälamminkangas (“MLK”) wind farm

Orrön Energy owns a 50 percent interest in the MLK wind farm, the third largest in Finland, with the remaining 50 percent held by Sval.

OX2 AB has constructed the wind farm under an engineering, procurement and construction contract and will remain responsible for the operations, maintenance and technical management of the wind farm. Commercial handover took place in March 2022 and the wind farm is now operating at full capacity.

The turbines have been purchased from, installed by and will be maintained by GE, with an availability warranty which guarantees the availability and power production levels from the turbines through their operational life, giving the Company significant protection against downtime and outages. MLK will produce around 400 GWh per annum gross, from 24 wind turbines of 5.5 MW each. The wind farm’s turbines have a hub height of 141-151 meters and the total installed capacity is 132 MW.

  • Annual estimated gross production of 400 GWh
  • 50 percent ownership, with Sval Energi AS (“Sval”) as the partner
  • 24 turbines with total installed capacity of 132 MW
  • Situated in the high priced FI region in Finland
  • Estimated lifespan for the turbines of at least 30 years

Leikanger hydropower plant

The Company owns a 50 percent interest in the Leikanger hydropower plant north of Bergen in Western Norway.

The power plant was constructed by and remains operated by Sognekraft, which also owns the remaining 50 percent. The hydropower plant became fully operational in March 2021, with water sourced from two river systems (Grindselvi and Henjaelvi) and eight river inlets. The capacity of the plant is 77 MW and gross annual production is estimated to be about 200 GWh.

Leikanger delivered strong performance during the first quarter of 2022, with net production of 6.3 GWh, at an average power price of above EUR 135 per megawatt hour (MWh). As the asset is a river based hydropower plant, the production is forecast to increase in the second and third quarters of 2022 due to snow melting during the spring and summer months and increasing precipitation in the autumn season. With the facility located in the NO5 price region, continued strong power prices are forecasted for 2022.

Leikanger Hydropower - Norway
  • Annual estimated gross production of 200 GWh
  • 50 percent ownership in the hydropower plant, with Sognekraft AS (“Sognekraft”) as the partner
  • Single turbine with a total installed capacity of 77 MW
  • Situated in the NO5 price region in Norway, with strong price fundamentals
  • Cost efficient operations with an estimated lifespan of around 60 years
  • Long-term operations and maintenance agreement with Sognekraft providing certainty for cost elements
  • Proximity to the new export grid connections to UK and Northern Europe
  • Designed as a river run off system without a reservoir for lowest environmental impact
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