Orrön Energy is uniquely positioned for growth

Orrön Energy (Nasdaq Stockholm “ORRON”) is a pure play renewable energy company with cash-flowing wind power assets in the Nordics and a 40 GW pipeline of greenfield opportunities in onshore wind solar and battery projects in the Nordics, the UK, Germany and France. The Company has a strong financial capacity to fund further growth, and is aiming to create long-term shareholder value by having an opportunistic approach to value creation.

The demand for renewable energy in Europe is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and massive investments will be needed to accelerate decarbonisation across societies and industries. Orrön Energy is in a unique position to grow and take advantage of opportunities created by the energy transition, with strong financial backing and activity in all stages of the renewables lifecycle; from early-stage developments to the operational phase.

The Company has a strong focus on value creation and is constantly evaluating strategic options to support long-term value for shareholders, and to take advantage of favourable market conditions as they arise. This includes optimising capital and asset allocation, with a strong focus on project returns. The Company is maturing a 40 GW pipeline of greenfield projects, for which the Company will be opportunistic and seek to monetise projects at key milestones depending on market conditions at the time. For the largest projects, the strategy will be to divest prior to incurring significant development and construction costs. In addition, the Company is constantly working on optimising and organically grow its operational portfolio in the Nordics, by value accretive acquisitions, projects aimed at extending asset lifetimes and by taking part in the ancillary and frequency markets.

Orrön Energy is part of the entrepreneurial Lundin Group of Companies, and has a management team and Board with a proven track record of investing into, leading and growing highly successful companies of scale.

Production growth of >230% since inception

  • 1,000 GWh of estimated annual power generation
  • High-quality wind power assets in Sweden and Finland
  • Low operating costs with 16 EUR/MWh in 2024

Value creation through greenfield development

  • 40 GW early-stage onshore pipeline created organically
  • Projects maturing towards key milestones
  • Monetisation of large-scale projects to recycle capital

Financially robust

  • Financially strong with discretionary investment program
  • 170 MEUR revolving credit facility
  • Strong long-term cash flow and significant tax shields

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