We help drive the energy transition by increasing the supply of renewable energy

Orrön Energy’s mission is to help drive the energy transition by producing renewable energy in a safe and responsible manner, for a sustainable energy future. Within our Sustainability Strategy, we have set objectives across four material focus areas, where we will create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Energy transition

As a renewable energy producer, we are making a significant contribution to mitigate climate change by increasing the share of renewable power generation in the regions where we operate.

  • Through our projects, we are avoiding 30,000 tonnes of CO2e, which is equivalent to removing more than 12,000 passenger cars off the road permanently, as we generate enough electricity from 2024 to power 250,000 European households.

Biodiversity protection

We are committed to protect biodiversity around our assets and to cause no significant harm to ecosystems. Orrön Energy is developing biodiversity enhancement projects, such as nature conservation in targeted areas around the renewable projects – for example a grazing project near the Karskruv wind farm in southern Sweden.

Safe operations

We will maintain a strong focus on health and safety across our workforce and contractors and aim for zero serious incidents.

Strong and inclusive communities

We will conduct stakeholder engagement and consultation, in order to support local communities throughout the life of our assets. This includes increased support activities during the construction phase.

UN Sustainable Goal
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals alignment

Our approach to sustainability is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 7 on affordable and clean energy, and Goal 13 on climate action, and underpins the way we conduct business and produce energy, ensuring that we deliver lasting values for our shareholders, other stakeholders and the wider society.

We also actively support the UN Global Compact’s 10 Principles on human rights, labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

Sustainability framework

In addition, Orrön Energy will continue to strive for top ESG-related performance and will communicate its sustainability performance in relation to the above listed metrics, as well as the value created, to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Sustainability is further embedded within Orrön Energy’s corporate governance framework, which seeks to ensure that the business is conducted efficiently and responsibly, that responsibilities are allocated in a clear manner and that the interests of shareholders, management and the Board of Directors remain fully aligned.

Orrön Energy’s Code of Conduct sets out the core principles on how we conduct our activities in a responsible and sustainable manner. Corporate sustainability policies and procedures further outline the commitment to ensure the highest levels of ethical conduct across the operations and wider value chain, including in respect of anti-corruption, human rights, whistleblowing, competition, tax, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering.

Sustainability Framework June 2022